World Challenge 2014 – Android Casual Sports Game

With the World Cup here, why not enjoy the game right on your phone? Actually, why not play as your team? The application “World Challenge” allows you to choose one out of the thirty-two teams that have

Balls to the Walls – arcade puzzle android game

What happens when you take a classic game like Breakout or Pong and mash it into a 3D world?  You get something that’s frustrating, angering and addicting.  You get Balls to the Walls. Balls to the Walls 

Monkey Swing – Casual Platformer Android Game

Looking for a competitive swinging platformer, where you can challenge your friends or throw down your high score on Facebook, has unlockables, multiple levels each with a different set of challenges, endlessly fun, and…more adorable than a

Zombie Sushi Game – Your Finger Will Rush To Challenge

Sushi & Zombie have become 2 popular themes that never been obsolete. If you’re a fan of traditional Japanese cuisine and can never forget the sweet freshness of the salmon pieces or you seek for the feeling of adventure when faced with zombies, then Sushi Zombie will brings the unique experience of

Air Hockey Fire 3D – Android Arcade Game

Fun, fast and furious 3D air hockey arcade action for all the family. Battle your way past the unique characters to win the trophy or play against your friends on the same device in a head to

El Muchacho – Cute Android Physics Game

El Muchacho is a cute physics game in which you need to push your enemies out of the screen. El Muchacho is also a charismatic hero who is fighting against monsters, vampires and other dark forces. It

Snake Hero – A Strategy Twist To The Old Nokia Snake

Here I was thinking that this game would be another clone of Nokia Snake. I was totally wrong! Instead of controlling the snake, you guide it by placing food or changing blocks in its path. Initially I

Space Shooter Unlimited – Android Bullet Hell Game

Just look what I got here for you: another generic space shooter with simple controls and unlimited enemies to defeat! The goal is straightforward: survive as long as possible and defeat enemies to unlock new weapons and

Funny Puzzle For Kids – Android Puzzle Game

If your child is a fan of good puzzle games then you could not find better. Funny Puzzle For Kids is new free android game which was designed specifically for kids. It is an entertaining  game with

Paper Pig – Android Action Adventure Game

Paper Pig is a game that requires quick reflexes and a little bit of strategy to avoid the dangers in this unique front scrolling, fast-paced adventure. In “Paper Pig” you play as a little pig (PaPi) who